Services and involvement

We are a progressive law firm. We offer these core services and more. Should you have a legal issue which we cannot resolve, we have a range of partnerships with other law firms and we will use these to find the best way of assisting you.


Whether you are buying, selling or doing both at the same time, moving is a strain for anyone. We understand this and we want to take away as much of the strain as we can.

We will provide your legal work for a fixed fee; we will make sure that you know what’s happening; and we will do all that we can to look after you, your family and your home.

Estate Agency

At Mattac, we want to build relationships. People don’t just have relationships with other people; like it or not, they also have them with their home. We understand that and when it comes to selling your home, we will be sensitive to your needs. We will be there with you while we try to find someone who will fall in love with your home; buy it from you; and help you move on to the next chapter in your life.


Unfortunately, disagreements happen in life.  Where they do, it’s important to get the right advice about resolving the dispute.  We offer a litigation and dispute resolution service, which is aimed at cost-effectively resolving disputes before matters escalate; the dispute goes to court; and costs mount.

Despite this, on some occasions, a dispute can’t be resolved without going to court.  When this happens, we will provide you with pragmatic advice on how to handle your court action; whether you are pursuing or defending.

Local Agency

We offer a comprehensive local agency service to solicitors for appearances at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, including the All-Scotland Personal Injury Court.  Our paperless case management system enables us to accept instructions at relatively short notice and ensures that we are normally able to report the outcome of any hearing on the same day.  We offer a fixed-fee service for straightforward procedural hearings.

Please contact us for further information or to provide instructions.

Personal Injury

We have significant experience of handling all types of personal injury claim; from road traffic accidents to accidents at work, and from minor sprains to catastrophic or fatal injuries, our solicitors have handled them all.

When you have been hurt as a result of someone else’s actions, the effect upon you can be far greater than many people realise.  You may have been unable to work and lost earnings; some people may, unfortunately, never be able to work again after an accident.  We understand how important a claim can be in going some of the way to putting things right; both for the injured person and their family.  It will never be possible to turn back the clock and prevent an injury which you have sustained, but compensation is the only way to improve things for you once you have been injured.

We are able to offer free initial advice on the prospects of a personal injury claim succeeding.  In the event that we consider it is worth pursuing a claim, we will act on a no-win, no-fee basis.  Your interests come first and qualified solicitors will handle all of the legal work on your claim.  We will not use unqualified staff or paralegals to conduct legal work on your case.  If you have been hurt, we want to get the best result for you and your family.  We know how important a claim can be and we want you to put your trust in us.

For an initial discussion, please telephone us.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

You are important; and so are the people whom you leave behind.  That’s why we offer a comprehensive service dealing with your will and any arrangements which you might wish to put in place should you ever be unable to manage your affairs.

We can assess what you require and make recommendations for you.  We will provide you with a fixed fee quote before conducting work on your behalf; and the work will be handled sensitively and efficiently.  Key to our service is that qualified solicitors will handle all of the legal work.  We will not use unqualified staff or paralegals to provide you with advice on your life or how to provide for your loved ones once you are gone.

For more information or a quote, please contact us.

Other services

Unfortunately, lawyers today can’t be experts in all areas of the law. At Mattac, we won’t pretend otherwise. We have partnerships in place with other law firms for the benefit of our clients. If it’s not something that we can assist with, we will put you in contact with someone who can; or we will take the lead in organising everything for you, getting the specialist advice that you require and resolving your situation. Our partnerships are set up so that you will pay no more in fees than if you had gone directly to our partner firms. We are here to help you – whatever the issue.

Social Media

We are clear about our commitment to people and relationships; it’s central to everything we do. If we take care of people and our relationships with them, then, in turn, they will take care of us. We’re sociable people and we want people to socialise with us. Please contact Mattac on social media. We’re on all of the main platforms and we would love to hear from you.